The Whitehorse Hickey Hider, otherwise known as a bit of a screw-up

Most of the time, the digital camera 'round these parts is used to take photographs of this kind of thing:

Snowy Trees

Or of this type of activity:

More pre-party good times

Or it's used to take short videos of people (like my idiot boyfriend) skiing or snowboarding off of cliffs.

But one day I borrowed the camera, and took this photograph:

Whitehorse Hickey Hider

That's my qiviut neckwarmer, about three rows away from being cast-off. I have cast off, and did start to attach the buttons... but have discovered that the fancy caribou antler buttons I bought for this project are too big and heavy. So in frustration I abandoned the neckwarmer (known to myself as the Whitehorse Hickey Hider for completely inappropriate reasons) and I try not to think about it.