Here's a picture of my baby cap. The color didn't come out right, but the I think the stitches show up OK. I started with a pattern from Home Spun, Hand Knit but I didn't want to put marker between every repeat on the sides of the cap, so I added a purl stitch instead. This made the design look more like ribbing than the original. So far, I like it.



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Blogger Kate Morningstar said...

I love that book -- have made a number of projects from it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know this post is very old, but if you are still around- i am knitting a qiviut hat for my baby & would appreciate some advice.
I'm a newbie so i'm just doing "stockinette" pattern. I'm using size 3 bamboo needles & i've got 70 sts crammed onto them. Are they to short for this project? do you know what needle size works best for this project? thank you!

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