I also had a change in plans. After completing the qiviut cap kit using the Flowers Along the Path pattern, I didn't like it. The yarn is not stretchy and the cap didn't fit well. I frogged it and instead used the Flowers pattern to make mitts. These I'm happy with and they will get some use as we try to set the thermostat a little lower this winter. The next time I invest in qiviut it will be the laceweight for something luxurious.



Here's a picture of my baby cap. The color didn't come out right, but the I think the stitches show up OK. I started with a pattern from Home Spun, Hand Knit but I didn't want to put marker between every repeat on the sides of the cap, so I added a purl stitch instead. This made the design look more like ribbing than the original. So far, I like it.



Daisy Meadow Scarf Update

I completed the first 51 rows of the scarf, thereby completing chart 1. The pattern is a lot of fun. I find myself singing the pattern as I go along. I don't have a particular tune and the singing is done in private to protect the innocent. I can not carry a tune worth a darn!




Ye gods. What's this? A post from the world's worst knit-along hostess?

Yup. You bet.


First off, note the updated participants list over on the right-hand side. I'll keep working on it tonight and dig through my old emails from people to look for blogs and things to link to. If you'd like to be linked to something, and I haven't done it, or if you don't like how I've listed your name, just send me an email and let me know. Harassing emails usually work (thank you for not sending me any this past month).

So, my crazy September. All in one month, I started my master's degree at the U of A in Edmonton, I decided not to do my PhD next year but instead to take some time off, I broke up with the guy I'd been dating for almost a year, I changed the way I eat and every once in a while thought about the fact that I might be in love with my friend James (I agreed to knit a sweater for him, which is a sign of... something [it's also a sign of something that he asked me to make it]). It's been exciting.

Things are calming down, though, hence the participants list and a post.

I bought myself a skein of lace weight qiviut when I was in Whitehorse at the end of the summer. It is deliciously soft and very thin. I thought I'd make a neck warmer out of it (to be called The Whitehorse Hickey Hider [don't ask]) but I think it might be too light to hold its shape properly. At the moment I'm just in the process of winding it into a ball. I don't have a swift or ball winder, and I don't have anyone around to hold the skein for me, so I'm winding it off of the back of a chair, which is proving to be... a little frustrating. It's a little bit of a tangle and I'm working on it in short doses so that I don't get frustrated. I also have about three projects on the needles and another three besides the qiviut waiting in the wings, so it might be slow winding...

Please keep posting; it's so much fun to read about what people are making.