Update on scarf progress

Well, I am just 75 rows away from finishing the scarf for my husband. This photo shows the section in the center of the scarf containing the cat hair from our Toni and Gracie. This is not blocked out so you cannot really see the pattern detail. By the time I have completed this, I will have spun and knit up approx. 3 ounces of qiviut. Since this is for a guy, it could not be lacy and needed to be a bit wider, requiring more fiber be used.

Also, I started a second scarf in qiviut using the Evening in Eden pattern. Here is a picture of the beginnings of this item. I am using some beads which at this time do not show up well in the picture. The seed beads are knit on as I go.

Both scarves are made with hand-spindle spun qiviut. The second scarf has more of a bloom to the fiber since it is spun using raw uncarded or unprocessed qiviut fiber.


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