Update on scarf progress

Well, I am just 75 rows away from finishing the scarf for my husband. This photo shows the section in the center of the scarf containing the cat hair from our Toni and Gracie. This is not blocked out so you cannot really see the pattern detail. By the time I have completed this, I will have spun and knit up approx. 3 ounces of qiviut. Since this is for a guy, it could not be lacy and needed to be a bit wider, requiring more fiber be used.

Also, I started a second scarf in qiviut using the Evening in Eden pattern. Here is a picture of the beginnings of this item. I am using some beads which at this time do not show up well in the picture. The seed beads are knit on as I go.

Both scarves are made with hand-spindle spun qiviut. The second scarf has more of a bloom to the fiber since it is spun using raw uncarded or unprocessed qiviut fiber.


Change of plans for my qiviut yarn

Well, I changed my mind about what to knit. I didn't like the swatch I made for the breast cancer awareness scarf, and I haven't come up with anything I like yet.... so that project is on hold.

A friend of mine just had a baby girl, and I've decide to use my "polar sunset" (mauve) qiviut yarn to knit the lace baby cap and mitts from Homespun Handknit.



Qiviut Scarf in Progress

Qiviut Scarf in Progress
Originally uploaded by noricum.

Just a little progress report... I've knit two repeats of the lace now. (Don't worry... I won't post again until I've made significant progress... I don't want to bore you.) I'm using addi turbos, and they're blunter than I'd like. I think I'll switch over to my boye needles when I've freed them up. Lace knitting is hard, but I'm starting to understand it.

I'm curious... how long is the staple length of qiviut usually? (I know some of you are spinning your qiviut.) I'm kind of wondering how easily this yarn will pull apart if I'm not gentle enough. Thanks!


Flowers Along the Path

Hello - I'm Kristen from Rhode Island. My husband and some friends spent 5 weeks this summer on a motorcycle trip to Alaska and back. My one request for being such a wonderful wife and remaining behind was that he bring me back some qiviut. Well, he did attempt to, but I've learned a lesson - "Never send a non-knitter on a knitter's job." When he returned home, he did order some online. I got the cap kit from this site http://www.qiviut.com/store/index.cfm?target=Fiber%20/%20Yarn . You receive 2 oz. of bulky qiviut, which actually looks to be worsted weight, and 3 simple cap patterns: a false cable, a basket weave, and the one I chose to make is called Flowers Along the Path. It's not fancy at all, just a knit/purl pattern, but don't you love the name? The caps are knit on size 10 needles. I've finished the ribbing and am into the pattern. It should be done in no time. I have to admit the yarn does not seem all that special to me yet. The finishing directions say the fabric will be very soft after washing. You can see my progress at http://audioknits.typepad.com/audioknits/



Starting a Scarf

I've never knit lace before, so I decided to swatch the lace pattern in regular yarn first. I finished the swatch tonight:

Afghan Square #20

and started my qiviut scarf:

Qiviut scarf

I've knit around 10 rows of stockinette for a border, and plan to start the lace tomorrow. The lace pattern I'm using is called "feather lace" according to my book.


I am swatching using wool, trying to come up with a design for my scarf. I tried this, but I don't think I like it. I'm going to try it again with a double column of eyelets with a decrease between them to make the outline more pronounced.

I also just got my yarn in the mail yesterday!



Damp Week

Lots of rain finally so I am settling in for a day of spinning and knitting.

Thanks Sue for your ideas about blending the raw qiviut...will give it a go.

Mary, isn't the Inua Shop yummy?! I stay clear. I live only moments away but it's just way too dangerous for me. Just how much fibery fun can you squeeze into a little cabin anyway?! lol

Has anyone else started their project?



Back from Alaska

Hi all,
I am just back from Alaska and while visiting my son in Fairbanks we both went to the large animal research station (great tour!) and then went to the Inua wool shop to get the yarn. I am ready to get going on a lacy mobius scarf.
Good luck on all this spinning and knitting!
Purl Girl (aka Mary)


Hello all

A qiviut knitalong! This is great. I have a half-finished qiviut hat and this knitalong will give me the motivation to finish it. Summers are busy, so it has been set aside for too long. I have some fiber dehaired and ready to spin. I think I would like to work on some fingerless gloves, too. I am not a great knitter, but they look easy enough.
It was good to hear that people like the Large Animal Research Station in Fairbanks because that is where I spend most of my days. I am a herdsman there. The muskoxen are wonderful animals, not to mention their great fiber!
Check out our website if you are interested www.uaf.edu/lars

Start Your Engines!!!

Today's Labor Day, the official start! I didn't even touch my fiber because it was too chaotic today, but I thought about it, so does that count?

Can't wait to see what everyone makes!!!!

I'll try to spin just a little of it every day, and then worry about what to actually make when the yarn's done....

Hi Doll.

Hi Doll.
Glad to see you joined along on this adventure. As for getting a more even color, I have taken some of the raw qiviut and using a dog brush as if it were a carder, worked the raw fiber. Along the way the guard hairs begin to present themselves for removal and the fiber takes on a more even color. I have taken and spun it along with some processed roving and could not tell the difference in the color or texture. Just something you might want to try.
Sue S.
Allentown, PA

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Ok, Ok

Back here in Ester Alaska......the previous post was from me......the bowtie scarf.

My name is Doll and I look forward to hear about all you qiviut fun!



I am so glad to be part of this KAL. I've started a bowtie scarf out of some handspun qiviut that I purchased from the University farm here in Fairbanks, AK. We live quite close to the farm. I enjoy driving by just to see what the beautiful creatures are up to. I haven't yet taken the tour but will one day.

I spin the qiviut raw and only toss out the harshest of guard hairs. This is a gift for a friend who wishes to give it to his mom (who lives in S. Africa)

The only problem I have so far is in keeping the colour constant. It has all been spun on a spindle so my skeins are not really big. Each time I attached a new skein the colour changes ever so slightly. Guess it will just give the scarf some character eh?

I really do love the way it feels in my hands! Quite luxurious.


Hi. My name is Sue and I am from Allentown, PA. I will be knitting a scarf using natural colored qiviut roving which I have hand spindle spun and plied into a two ply fingering weight. The pattern will be an adaptation of pattern #58 in The New Knitting Stitch Library by Lesley Stanfield. This scarf is being knit for my husband and there will be a special portion where I have spun some of our cat Toni's hair and plyed it with the qiviut. I will post a picture as things progress. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work using this wonderful fiber.

A Little Setback...

Okay, I lied.

The participants list isn't going to be updated for tomorrow. I know, I know, I'm a crappy knit-along hostess--but blame the U of A bookstore. They were out of iBooks when I tried to get one on Friday, so I have one on order and it should arrive next week. But in the meantime I am computerless at home (I haven't gone without some kind of computer at home since I was about 4; it's very weird) and this complicates things like updating the participants list. Which means it probably isn't happening for another week or so. Personally, I don't think this is a disaster. It just means that in the meantime you are going to have to declare yourself as a participant in the QKAL by writing up a little Here-I-am-I'm-Me-and-Knitting-With-Qiviut post. I'm glad to see that some people have already done this; I hope everyone will.

Please bear with me. I'm glad that everyone has been so patient and kind. I'm looking forward to your posts.



Hello, my name is Robin and I am looking forward to knitting along with everyone. My husband visited Anchorage last year and bought me 4 skeins of Qiviut for my birthday. I have been saving the yarn looking for the "perfect" pattern. I am going to do the Daisy Meadow Scarf from Fiddlesticks Knitting (without the tassels!). I best get two of the skeins prepped for the start of this knit along.