More Qiviut & 4 New Hand Painted Colors!

Hi All,
I just want you to know that I have re-stocked my qiviut supply stash and will keep it going endlessly I hope! I added 3 new hand painted Mountain Colors dyed qiviuts and 1 ever-popular Bitterroot Rainbow Mountain Colors dyed qiviut to my selection at Caryll Designs. The last of the new colors, Mountain Tango, will be on my web by the end of next week (Jul 8) or as soon as I can get over the hill to Montana to pick it up. They tell me it looks quite bright for qiviut, yea! I am really looking forward to this Knit Along. Now to choose a pattern....nice selection in this blog...what is everyone else going to knit?

FYI: the more you fondle qiviut, the softer it gets!!! A fiberholic's dream come true;-)


New Colours

Just a quick heads up if you're wanting to buy dyed qiviut:

Over at JConklin Designs, there are now ten shades of qiviut to chose from.