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Inspired by the enthusiastic response to my question about qiviut on the Knitter's Review Forums, and taking up Anderknit's suggestion, I am beginning this Qiviut Knit Along (QKAL for short) as a space for people to find sources for qiviut yarn, show off their work, share their thoughts on the fibre, ask questions, and talk about anything qiviut-related. The official start date for casting on your qiviut project is September 5th, 2005; feel free to post about your qiviut procurement adventures over the summer.

The knit-along is open to anyone working with qiviut or a qiviut blend. You can use any pattern, make any knit object - so long as it's out of qiviut or a qiviut blend, we want to hear about it here. You do not need to have your own blog in order to participate.

To join, simply send an email to nottheactressAThotmailDOTcom (replacing the AT and the DOT with the appropriate symbol, of course). Please put "QKAL" in the subject line. Once I receive your email, I will send you an invitation to join the blog, and all you have to do is follow the instructions on-screen. You are welcome to join at any time between now and the start date of the knit-along. If you do have a blog, let me know the address, and I will link to it from the participants list.

This is the first knit-along I've hosted (or participated in, for that matter). If you have any suggestions or questions for me, I'm very happy to hear them (but of course constructive criticism is preferred to a plain ol' trashin'). Over the next few months, I will post links for qiviut sources and patterns. Please feel free to email me any links you think might be helpful, and I'll put them up in the template.

I hope to see you posting here come September.

Thanks to Anderknits, Lace Lunatic and the gang over at Knitter's Review Forums for getting me going on this!


Blogger BeanMama said...

Do you know sources for Native Alaskan Qiviut patterns? I have some that I've stashed away, but I'd like to use an authentic lace pattern.

7:52 p.m.  

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